Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pilipinas Got Talent Registration Audition Guidelines

Here is the Pilipinas Got Talent Registration Audition Guidelines as per posted on the Pilipinas Got Talent official Facebook page.

Please take note and always remember the following guidelines, as they may increase your chance of entering and becoming one of the contestants at the "Pilipinas Got Talent" show.

1). Please come dressed to impress and be aware that due to the huge response we may not be able to see the whole of your performance. Please be prepared to showcase the best bit of your act, don't hold back!

2). You need to audition the part of your act that's going to show Philippines that you've got talent. You only get one audition. Make sure you impress us!

3). You must provide everything you will need for your own act. We will NOT be able to provide you with anything (eg pianos, amps etc).

4). Should your act include a child aged 15 years or younger and you have been allocated an audition during school time, please call us on 02 415 8766 and we will move it to a slot after school hours.

5). There are no formal changing facilities so you will need to arrive dressed as you wish for your audition.

6). As there is a limited time for the audition you will need to prepare as much as you can in advance. If you think you will need considerable time to set up (such as illusionists, high wire etc) then please contact us on 02 415 8766.

7). As we need to adhere to Health & Safety guidelines please warn us in advance if your act contains any dangerous aspects on the number above.

Please prepare a verse and a chorus; you may sing either a capella or with a backing track. However if you do wish to sing to a track you must be able to provide us with the title of the track and who wrote it.

Please be aware that no instruments are provided. As there is limited audition time we will not be able to allow setup of large instruments like drums etc. You can bring any small instruments with minimal setup (ie guitars, flute, keyboards etc) and audition as usual.
Bands and those musicians who use drums and any other large setup items must bring along a video or DVD of your performance. Please pick your best performance to put on the video and bring this along with you as your audition. The whole band should come dressed in their performance outfits.

As you will have limited time please prepare the best part of your routine. If you act requires music please bring a CD copy, along with the title of the track and who wrote it.

You must inform us first that you are bringing animals, telling us the amount and type of animals. This includes any dangerous animals (lions, snakes, elephant�s etc) Hotline number: 02 415 8766.

ALL animals brought must be either CAGED or on a LEAD.

Please let us know the requirements for your act in terms of how much space / height you will need. We would also need advance warning of any equipment considered unsafe. Please call the hotline number to go through your performance.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Hotline number: 02 415 8766
We reserve the right to ask for a show reel in lieu of a first audition on the grounds of health and safety.

Register online at:

Hope this Pilipinas Got Talent audition guidelines helps you out. Feel free to pass this message or tell others about this blog post as this might help them, if they want or they have this kind of interest to join the said show.


Anonymous said...

can i still audition even if i haven't registered online????

Anonymous said...

the online registration is close na po. u can only register thru text na lang.

Anonymous said...

why is it that when i registered via txt 2366 replied "invalid keyword..." i just type metro manila as the area code... it is correct right? or the registration is already close?

Carl on April 21, 2011 at 2:58 AM said...

sana mkapasok po aku

Anonymous said...

be happy and love. kiss

09102303815 said...

where can i ask advice regarding audition.

after my registration thru text, whats next? shall i come to the audi tion site? where is the audition site? are there auidtions in the province? can you give me list of schedules in provinces? can you advice me, how long is the waiting time sa long will the audition take? i will let my 2 yr old baby join i need to know the details there

Anonymous said...

hi im rickY cadavero from pque city ask ko lng po kalan po auditon dto sa pqu ng pilipinas got talent c trumpo king to.gusto ko po sana mag audition ehh..kailan po kaya eto pla number ko 09307913378 thanks…


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